Thursday, July 5, 2012

Our July 4th

Yesterday started off as a beautiful morning.  The hubs brought home McDonald's biscuits which I do love.  I decided to work on an outfit out of the curtain fabric for Dixie to match her sister Jassmine's dress.  Hubs decided to cut grass.  Herein lies the problem.  He didn't use the riding mower instead he used the Swisher which looks like a push mower and is like a weed eater in that it uses a plastic-type string to cut.  He either got too close to the egress window in the basement or a piece of gravel kicked up and hit the window.  Whatever happened, the window is broken. 

Our windows were installed when we built our house in 2001.  Pella 30x36 inch casement windows.  I called Pella and they have a repair center in McMurray/Sewickley.  I called this morning and am waiting for a return call. 

When we built the house we intended for there to be two bedrooms in the basement which meant there had to be at least one egress window in each room.  It's now 11 years later.  The basement is framed but is not finished.  There's no one sleeping in bedrooms in the basement so Phil asks why we can't use glass block windows to replace the broken one.  That's a good question and, depending on how much the cost is to replace the broken window, we may very well do that. 

I have to say that I was not the kind, sympathetic wife when this all happened.  Phil was probably wishing he could take back 25 years of his life and have a do-over.

We had grilled hot dogs, french fries from the oven and microwaved veggies.  I finished the pinafore dress for Dixie.  The next one I make will have elastic in the skirt band and I'll line the front of the bodice and yoke area.  It feels flimsy.  That may just be the fabric I used which was poly-cotton.

We spent the remainder of the evening watching the National Geographic channel's Independence Day programs on George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.  We had thunderstorms and heavy rains which knocked out the satellite dish for a while.  I kept waiting for the electricity to go out but other than a flicker off and on it never did.

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