Friday, August 24, 2012

More Sewing

Are you tired of my sewing posts yet?  haha
I really enjoy sewing.  I follow a blogs from young women who sew for either themselves or their children.  It's inspired me.  My oldest granddaughter, Jassmine, loves dresses and usually can't wait to get something new from me.
Last week I made two nightgowns for her using vintage patterns.  I wanted them to be roomy because she kicks and rolls around so much in her sleep.  They are a size 10.  The blue one was made from a cotton percale sheet.  The pink one was made using vintage seersucker fabric.
Today I made a peasant dress which I think she'll like.  It's a size 8.  She's supposed to be starting kindergarten on Monday.  These two fabrics are from Jo-Ann's.  I added rickrack where the bodice joins the skirt and then I added a little decoration at the neck.

I think they are really cute and I hope she likes them!  Would you change anything if you had made them?  Let me know.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Vintage Thrift Store Find

I love thrift stores but I'm not really into wearing thrift store finds unless it's to cut up and use as fabric for something else. 

Today I came across a beautiful, vintage dress by Westbury Fashions circa 1950s-early 1960s.  It's a button up shirt dress with pink polka dots.  I wish I knew what the fabric was.  It's so silky.  I came across it in the store and immediately thought, "Ooooh, cute fabric to cut up!," but as soon as I got it home and laid it out I could see it was a beauty and decided to put it up for sale at ebay.

I wish I were a smaller size because I'd wear it!  It's either a size 8 or 10.  The measurement at the waist was 28 and bust 36.  LINK to ebay location.  There are a few very minute flaws but nothing that anyone would notice while you were to wear the dress.  I thought someone out there would appreciate the beauty of this dress.  I couldn't see it lingering on in that shop so I had to rescue it.

UPDATE 8-24-2012:  This dress did not sell so I'm not sure if I have the guts to cut it up and reuse the fabric or just hang onto it hoping one day someone will love it.  Killer fabric!  Just gorgeous.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

German Shorthaired Pointer Puppies

Phil and I took photos of the newest litter of GSP puppies last night.  They'll be three weeks old on Friday and man are they getting big! 

There's one male (puppy #2) and four females.  We don't plan on keeping any.  We need to finish more of the kennel building before it turns cold.  Insulation has to go up and concrete wall boards which the dogs can't chew through or destroy.  Pups have a great pedigree.  Lots of champion ancestors.  They will be registered AKC and NAVHDA.  Price is $700.  Contact information can be found with the pedigree (above).

Friday, August 10, 2012

I've been so busy

the past two weeks that I haven't even taken the time to update my blog. 

Elsa had her puppies on July 27.  One male and four females.  All available for sale.  Pick up will be around September 14. 

My parents came in for granddaughter Lilly's birthday party on August 4.  She turned two on July 31.  Nice party, super hot weather.  I took lots of pictures and the kids had a pool party!

Granddaughters Jassmine and Dixie stayed overnight because Daddy had to work. Pappy got moved to the couch and he was not happy.

I've been sewing a lot.  Made two bubble romper outfits for Lilly and one for Dixie.  Made a skirt for my mom.  It needs hemmed and the waist needs taken in a little. 

I have not been sleeping good.  I can't sleep at night and find myself exhausted and wanting to nap during the day but I'm forcing myself to stay awake. 

On Tuesday I took Leja to the vet to get her AKC number tattooed on her inner right thigh.  We do this for all our GSPs in case they ever get lost.  My two year old Kodak ESP 6150 printer / fax / scanner broke so I went to replace it with another Kodak ESP which I bought at Walmart.  I consider myself somewhat technical minded and computer literate but after four hours of trying to get the daRn thing to set up and, after going through the online error message fixes at Kodak and speaking with a technician, I decided it best to just take back to Walmart.  And, God bless them, they honored my receipt and took it off my hands and totally refunded all my money. 

On Wednesday, the bossman said he would buy me a new printer so I took him up on the offer.  I shopped online at Office Max.  I was looking for another Kodak but they no longer sell them.  I don't have any experience with HP or Epson and the only Canon I ever had was a dot matrix printer back in 1998.  :)  I did have two Lexmarks but they didn't last past a year and I do use my printer every day.  The one we have at the office is a Brother all in one and we've had it for over six years.  All we've ever replaced, fingers crossed, are cartridges so I ordered one of those.  It actually comes with a standard three year warranty which just tickles me to no end! So here I was with two brand new Kodak cartridges and two used very sparingly. I ended up selling them on eBay. Yay! 

I had a lot of errands to do yesterday and then worked from home yesterday and all this morning.  I'm ready for a break.  It's noon so breakfast would be nice.