Friday, August 24, 2012

More Sewing

Are you tired of my sewing posts yet?  haha
I really enjoy sewing.  I follow a blogs from young women who sew for either themselves or their children.  It's inspired me.  My oldest granddaughter, Jassmine, loves dresses and usually can't wait to get something new from me.
Last week I made two nightgowns for her using vintage patterns.  I wanted them to be roomy because she kicks and rolls around so much in her sleep.  They are a size 10.  The blue one was made from a cotton percale sheet.  The pink one was made using vintage seersucker fabric.
Today I made a peasant dress which I think she'll like.  It's a size 8.  She's supposed to be starting kindergarten on Monday.  These two fabrics are from Jo-Ann's.  I added rickrack where the bodice joins the skirt and then I added a little decoration at the neck.

I think they are really cute and I hope she likes them!  Would you change anything if you had made them?  Let me know.

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