Wednesday, September 26, 2012


I was loving all the nice, warm, summery weather we had the first few weeks in September but then, BAM!, the weather changed on me.  It has rained on and off for the past two weeks.  The leaves are falling heavily and I'm not seeing the gorgeous autumn colors we usually have.  I'm a spring and fall kind of girl.  I love when the leaves are coming out and flowers are popping up all over.  I love crisp fall days with all the beautiful colors on the sugar maples.  What happened?  One day it was summer, which I thoroughly enjoyed this year, and now it's cold, dreary and I'm feeling a bit down about that.

Last week was our four day AKC licensed field trial at the beagle club.  We also lost an older club member to death.  Very sad.  Phil and I were very close to him and his wife.  Because the funeral took place on Saturday morning none of the club members could attend because we couldn't stop or delay the field trial.  We did go to the funeral home to pay our respects.  The field trial went on and we were able to finish the trial at our club instead of having to move to another club.

We sold four of the five pups from Elsa's litter.  We decided to keep the remaining female pup.  We've named her Roxy and plan to breed her to Rocco when she turns two.  We plan to breed Opal when she comes in season.  She had a miss the last time we bred her to Harley.  We'd like to breed her to Harley again.  The pups we get out of that breeding are amazing!

Since the weather is turning so quickly we've got to finish the kennel sooner rather than later.  The radiant floor heating system is in but the hot water tanks are not hooked up yet.  We need to put up insulation and then wall boards before we get the metal kennel panels to attach to the inner walls.  We have 10 rolls of insulation and we have the wall boards.  They're very heavy.  I don't know if Phil can lift them by himself or if I can even help with that.  I'd like to buy four sets of kennel panels for right now and then the remainder next spring.

On another subject, I usually have a PET scan at the end of September.  It's once a year now instead of twice a year.  I haven't been contacted by the cancer center to schedule it yet.  My appointment with the oncologist is the first week of October.  I don't know if they've forgotten about me or are just too busy right now.  Most times I get a phone call but I've also received a scheduling notice in the mail.  If I don't hear anything by Friday I'll give them a call on Monday.

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