Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Five Years Today!

Five years ago today Phil and I were at the hospital as I had my first colonoscopy.  The doctor came in to Recovery to tell me he'd found a tumor and I needed surgery right away.  And then he left.  I never saw him again.

My journey into cancerville was filled with terror at the thought that cancer means death and at the age of 45 I was going to die.  Every day was filled with panic that this might be THAT day.  I never heard a positive or hopeful comment from a doctor or nurse about my situation.  Everyone told me to plan for the inevitable.  Even the insurance company had a palliative care manager call and ask to coordinate my care.  Cancer is scary business.  Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

The only hope I felt was when I met with Dr. Arthur James Moser at UPMC and he told me that he had a plan and he thought he could help me.  At the same time he also explained that there was a man across the hall who had pancreatic cancer who he would not be able to help.  I felt a horrible stabbing pain in my gut when he said that.  While I was finally given hope the man across the hall was being told something different.

Today, and every day that I continue to wake up in the morning, I am thankful that God gave me an additional five years of life!  I continue to have a wonderful life with my husband.  God has blessed us with three beautiful granddaughters!  My parents are in good health.  Mom has gone through her own journey with cancer and after chemo and radiation she is clear!  My oldest son had his first colonoscopy.  His doctor said he had the colon of a teenager.  If that means he'll never develop colon cancer then this mom shouts Hallelujah!

So, today is a day of celebration for me.  I am a cancer survivor.  Prayer works.

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dr momi said...

Colon cancer runs in my family too. So far my colonoscopy's have been good. Scary stuff you have been through. Call them tomorrow if they haven't called you!
:-)....and may God continue to bless you with good health!