Monday, September 3, 2012

What's this Grandmother to do?

Friday morning I was on the way to drop off clothes with Jassie and Dixie.  I got a call from Jassie on my cellphone asking if she could come over to visit.  I said yes and when I got there Dixie's bag was packed and ready to go, too.  Of course, later I would find out that Jassie packed Dixie's bag and there were absolutely no clothes in the bag which fit Dixie!  There were no shoes for Dixie to be found so I had to take her barefoot and the only carseat I was given for her to sit in was a booster seat for an older, larger child.  This really ticked me off!  I strapped her in the seat and away we went.  It was no time at all before she climbed out of it and was reaching for the handle to get out of the car.  Immediately I clicked on the child lockout button.  I went straight to Walmart to shop for a carseat, shoes and diapers.  GRRRR!  This makes me so mad.  I have one daughter in law who truly cares for her daughter and the other one can't really be bothered.  I don't understand this at all.  I don't know the last time the girls have been to the doctor for checkups or to get their shots.  Jassie was supposed to have her teeth fixed by the dentist over a year ago and still this hasn't been done.  I am worried that the decay from the tooth which chipped and fell out will ruin the remainder of her teeth.  She is very self conscious of her teeth and won't open her mouth to smile for photos.  How can a mother not do what's in the best interest of her child?  I can't blame the entire situation on her mother because my son should step up and take over where the mother isn't doing her job.  What can I do to make sure that my granddaughters are taken care of properly?

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Tina said...

Carol--that must be so frustrating for you! Hopefully your son can get their mom to take better care of them. I'm glad you are able to take them with you once in a while to give them some loving (and a bath!). Unfortunately you probably can't say much to the mom, or she might not let you see them anymore! Take notes on everything you observe--hopefully they won't be needed, but you never know!