Thursday, November 8, 2012

#makeitbetter #sandycraftalong

I came across a blog post about a craft-along for the victims of Hurricane Sandy.
#makeitbetter #sandycraftalong

I decided to make a hat and mittens.  I started a pair of adult sized mittens for a man.  I could have made a pair for a woman but thought there might be a homeless man who needs them, too.  The pattern I'm using it called Mittens for All by Jodi Lewanda for Red Heart Yarn.  I don't have any Red Heart Yarn so I'm using 100% Peruvian wool yarn from my stash.  It's by Cascade Yarns called Cascade 220.  The yarn is nice to work with and super warm.  I didn't have size 4 double pointed needles so I went up a size and am using sizes 5 and 6.  The measurements are turning out true to the pattern but I have to say they still look huge to me.  They're 12 inches from cuff ribbing to the fingertips.

I'm working on the mate to it now.  Update Nov 21:  After finishing the second mitten I sent them through the mail to NY.  Hopefully they've been passed out to a needy person. 
I started and finished a second pair of mittens for Lilly this time in a gorgeous pink angora yarn.  While digging through my knitting needle bag (monstrously large) I managed to find size 4 double pointed needles.  Go figure.
I started a pair of socks on Monday.  I'm about 3/4 through the first sock.  It's looking pretty good.  I'm using A Classic Sock pattern by Nancy Bush.  Size 2 needles are tiny and I'm really hoping I'll be able to finish these before losing my mind.  I'm trying to make a few knitted gifts for Christmas.  I have a month.  Wish me luck.

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