Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Pre-Christmas (is this a word?)

I hate all the mad rush about Christmas.  It gets my anxiety going.  I can't do shopping at the mall.  Too many people and everyone in such a hurry.  I usually order things online.  I decided to make a few gifts this year.  So far I've knitted one pair of socks and started another pair.  I'm thinking mittens and also hats.  My mom would like a flannel nightgown so that's on my to do list.

A couple weeks ago Ralph told me that he would like for us to keep family traditions going.  When he was little we went to Phil's mom's house for Christmas Eve dinner and Christmas Day we spent at my parents house when they were still in Pittsburgh.  After they moved, we started going to Phil's brother's house Christmas Day.  Phil's mom changed her Christmas dinner to the week before so we won't all be so rushed.  Phil and I talked it over and we'll start having Christmas Eve dinner at our house.  I've already told Joe and he's planning to come over with the girls.  Christmas Day we'll spend at Dave and MaryAnn's while Ralph's family will be at his in-laws.  Joe will be at home with the girls Christmas Day.  My parents will be up this year which will be nice.

This year marks the fifth year since my cancer diagnosis.  That first Christmas spent in the hospital was horrendous.  I'm so thankful for how far I've come since then!

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dr momi said...

Sounds like your priority's are right :-) Yea on five years and many, many more!