Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Finally!  Yes, I know it's not even February yet but yesterday was 44 degrees here and today, GASP!, it's 62 degrees!  OMG!  Heat wave and I'm loving it!  No slipping on ice in the yard or my driveway.  The ice is melting in the duck pools.  I even see blue skies and a bit of sunshine.  Oh, happy day!!!!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Shetland Ponies wearing Sweaters

Last week there was a photo accompanied by an article about Shetland Ponies wearing sweaters in Scotland.  Usually a photo accompanies an article but this time I felt it was the other way around.  

I don't know how a person or group of people managed to get sweaters on ponies but it was amazing.  Actually the sweaters are amazing.  Thank you to whomever did all that knitting.  By the way, if you're done knitting for the ponies I could use one of those glorious sweaters.  It's cold here, too.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Looking for something to knit

for me.  I knit for everyone else and, no, I haven't started on that second sock for Phil yet.  

I'm looking for a project something between a shawl and a cowl which I can wear on the shoulders and possibly to the elbows to keep warm.  

I've found a lot of ideas via Ravelry and Pinterest.  Here are a few:

Shoulder Warmer from Garn Studios.

Luna by Louisa Harding which requires me to buy a book to get the pattern.

Amelia shoulder warmer pattern by DROPS Design.  Free pattern.

Warm Hug capelet by Bella Wool.  $5 pattern.

Zuzus Petals by Carina Spencer.  $5 pattern.  Very lovely!

Lace Shoulder Wrap also by DROPS Design.  Also free!  I'm in love with this pattern.

Trying to decide between Amelia and Lace Shoulder Wrap.  I want to use some natural wool I've had for years.  It's from a local supplier (Sand Hill Berries in Mount Pleasant).  I remember buying a large brown paper bag of yarn from this woman for something like $15.  I used two skeins to make a baby hooded sweater for Phil's nephew who is now 18.  Wow, the skeins of yarn are pretty old.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Trying to stay warm

Our heating contractor is finishing up on the radiant heating system in our kennel this week.  It's very, very cold in there right now.  We've been running this kerosene fired heater that sounds and smells like a jet engine; because the kennel walls and ceiling have not been insulated yet all heat goes straight up and out.  Even with that heater running the temp averages around 40 degrees inside but that's better than 10 degrees which is what it is outside of the building.  One of the brass couples on the Pex pipes froze up.  Randy said he was going to buy a new one.  I'm guessing he meant the frozen one would no longer work.  I don't know maybe he was telling me the plastic Pex pipe busted.  This kennel has been a lot of work, lots of frustration and lots of money.  Phil enjoys his dogs but some days I think I'd rather have back all the money we've put into the kennel building.  I told him that yesterday.  Said I could have gone to Mexico and stayed a year on that money.  He asked if he would have been invited to go with me.  :)   After 25 years the man still makes me laugh!  Now I've got to find someone to insulate the ceiling for us so the heat will stay in.  I'll check with our sons to see if they would be able to help insulate and finish the walls inside.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


The word for today is COLD as in freezing temps!  The weather app on my cellphone tells me it's 14 degrees here but in actuality it feels like negative nine degrees.  It's supposed to hit two degrees at some point today.

I have the fire going in the wood stove.  The furnace is also running.  I need to go down to the kennel and fire up the new heater Phil bought at Tractor Supply on Saturday.  Some kind of jet engine looking kerosene blower that is really loud, uses a lot of fuel but heats well.  I am dreading having to pull off my warm flannel nightgown and change into jeans to walk down there.

We're supposed to get between three and six inches of snow overnight.  So thankful we don't live in Erie where they got over 16 inches of snow yesterday.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Hormonal Day

Today, I've been so sad reading blogs and Facebook posts from friends or people I follow who have had a setback in dealing with their cancer or new people who have just been diagnosed.  Breaks my heart for them!  My prayer list keeps getting longer instead of shorter.  I don't understand.  Then there's my dear DIL who has migraines.  They are continuous.  She's had all sorts of tests done over years and years yet she still has them and no one knows why.  She went in for a shot yesterday to combat the migraine and the meds didn't work.

My mother says all that we can do is continue to pray for people because it's not in our hands it's in God's hands.  I know that's true.  It's just hard for me to understand and I feel sad.

Friday, January 11, 2013

One sock finished!

Hooray!  I finished the first sock for my husband!  I'm using Kate Atherley's Basic Ribbed Sock pattern which can be found at Ravelry.com.

The foot itself measures 11 inches from heel to toe.

I think the inside is just as good looking as the outside.  This view shows the rib pattern much better.  It's a three knit and one purl rib pattern.  The only thing left on this sock is to reinforce the heel and the toe for better wear.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

My mom

I'm worried about my mom.  Her name is Juanita.  Please put her and my dad, Norm, on your prayer list. 

Mom sent me a text yesterday which concerned me quite a bit.  She told me she has no feeling below her left knee. 

For the past two or three months she's been seeing an orthopedic doctor because she has pain in her legs and back.  So bad she can't sleep at night.  At first they thought it was because of the radiation she'd had for uterine cancer but they ruled that out.  I thought it was a sciatic nerve pinched. 

The orthopedic doctor thinks she needs a knee replacement because her knee has no cartilage left.  Just bone on bone.  She's fallen because she can't feel her legs. 

I'm worried and all these thoughts are running around in my head.  What if this is actually diabetes and she loses her leg like her brother did?  Then again, her grandfather also lost his legs from diabetes. 

I don't want my mom to end up in a wheelchair.  As it is now she's not able to bend over.  She can't put on socks herself or shoes unless they are slip on.  She can't get in and out of the bathtub herself so she uses a shower. 

Please pray for them both.  Mom who's living with this and my dad who takes care of her.  It's very hard on my dad, too.  Thanks!

Update January 14, 2013:  Mom saw one of her doctors today.  She has two separate issues going on.  One is the knee which is still bone on bone plus neuropathy in her feet.  The second is that her L4 and L5 vertebrae (pretty sure this is what she said) are the problem with her back.  I did already know that she has degenerative disk disease.  She will get shots in the back and the knee to see if that alleviates the pain she has.  If it does not she will most likely have surgery on both areas.  Please continue to pray!  Thanks again!

Update January 15, 2013:  Mom's orthopedic doctor is scheduling her for back surgery.  He said it would be outpatient surgery and she would actually be able to walk afterward.  Wow!  If that's true, thank God!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Knitting Socks

I knitted four pairs of socks as Christmas gifts.  They were all for women.  Now I'm working on a pair of socks for Phil.  It's an easy pattern.  I got past the heel and am into the foot.  The leg is eight inches long and that was a very long haul for me.  I'm easily bored.  Phil has large feet.  From the back of the heel to where I will start to decrease for the toes is nine inches.  I've just passed five inches.  I'm working with a set of five double pointed needles which means the live stitches are on four needles and the fifth needle works the yarn.  I tried the sock on his foot yesterday.  He said it was very comfortable.  The sock stretched considerably going on.  I'm hoping that it bounces back so I can continue knitting but still have an accurate measurement.

Here's the link to the sock pattern at Ravelry.  The pattern calls for size 2.5 mm needles but I went down a size to 2.25 mm which is a U.S. needle size 1.  Here it is and the foot is at 7.5 inches.  Two more to go then the toe decrease!

Below are photos of the socks I made last month.

For my sister in law.

This pair for Jassmine.

These I made for my daughter in law.

Dragonfly Socks I made for my mother in law using the same pattern above for my DIL.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Dragging something from 2012 into 2013

Somehow I picked up germs.  I don't know who gave them to me.  Maybe I picked them up via the cart at Walmart or at Joann's Fabrics.  I don't know.  I woke up last Saturday with a sore throat and the next day my sinuses were clogged.  Here it is Thursday, January 3, 2013, my granddaughter Dixie-Lee's second birthday and I'm still bogged down by this thing.  I feel miserable but did manage to get a bath today.  Yesterday that wasn't possible.

Phil was kind enough to bring us home soup from McDonald's last night.  Who would have thought that McDonald's chicken noodle soup would have tasted really good?  Not me but it did!

I was supposed to take Roxy to the vet today.  Phil got the appointment changed to next week.  Thank you, sweetie!

I'm miserable.  My head is clogged for part of the day and then draining the rest.  I've been laying in bed with the electric blanket turned on and sleeping most of the time.  Nothing is getting done around here.  By the time Phil gets home from work he's cranky because it still looks like Christmas day downstairs.  Boxes around and decorations still up.  Christmas cards hanging from the curtain rods and the extra table still sitting next to the dining room table.  Really hoping to feel good enough to get up and move around tomorrow.

I sent a text to Chrystal and Joe today wishing Dixie-Lee a happy second birthday.  They're having cake and ice cream for her on Saturday.  My granddaughters are so sweet!