Tuesday, January 22, 2013


The word for today is COLD as in freezing temps!  The weather app on my cellphone tells me it's 14 degrees here but in actuality it feels like negative nine degrees.  It's supposed to hit two degrees at some point today.

I have the fire going in the wood stove.  The furnace is also running.  I need to go down to the kennel and fire up the new heater Phil bought at Tractor Supply on Saturday.  Some kind of jet engine looking kerosene blower that is really loud, uses a lot of fuel but heats well.  I am dreading having to pull off my warm flannel nightgown and change into jeans to walk down there.

We're supposed to get between three and six inches of snow overnight.  So thankful we don't live in Erie where they got over 16 inches of snow yesterday.

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