Monday, January 7, 2013

Knitting Socks

I knitted four pairs of socks as Christmas gifts.  They were all for women.  Now I'm working on a pair of socks for Phil.  It's an easy pattern.  I got past the heel and am into the foot.  The leg is eight inches long and that was a very long haul for me.  I'm easily bored.  Phil has large feet.  From the back of the heel to where I will start to decrease for the toes is nine inches.  I've just passed five inches.  I'm working with a set of five double pointed needles which means the live stitches are on four needles and the fifth needle works the yarn.  I tried the sock on his foot yesterday.  He said it was very comfortable.  The sock stretched considerably going on.  I'm hoping that it bounces back so I can continue knitting but still have an accurate measurement.

Here's the link to the sock pattern at Ravelry.  The pattern calls for size 2.5 mm needles but I went down a size to 2.25 mm which is a U.S. needle size 1.  Here it is and the foot is at 7.5 inches.  Two more to go then the toe decrease!

Below are photos of the socks I made last month.

For my sister in law.

This pair for Jassmine.

These I made for my daughter in law.

Dragonfly Socks I made for my mother in law using the same pattern above for my DIL.

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