Friday, January 25, 2013

Looking for something to knit

for me.  I knit for everyone else and, no, I haven't started on that second sock for Phil yet.  

I'm looking for a project something between a shawl and a cowl which I can wear on the shoulders and possibly to the elbows to keep warm.  

I've found a lot of ideas via Ravelry and Pinterest.  Here are a few:

Shoulder Warmer from Garn Studios.

Luna by Louisa Harding which requires me to buy a book to get the pattern.

Amelia shoulder warmer pattern by DROPS Design.  Free pattern.

Warm Hug capelet by Bella Wool.  $5 pattern.

Zuzus Petals by Carina Spencer.  $5 pattern.  Very lovely!

Lace Shoulder Wrap also by DROPS Design.  Also free!  I'm in love with this pattern.

Trying to decide between Amelia and Lace Shoulder Wrap.  I want to use some natural wool I've had for years.  It's from a local supplier (Sand Hill Berries in Mount Pleasant).  I remember buying a large brown paper bag of yarn from this woman for something like $15.  I used two skeins to make a baby hooded sweater for Phil's nephew who is now 18.  Wow, the skeins of yarn are pretty old.

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