Thursday, January 24, 2013

Trying to stay warm

Our heating contractor is finishing up on the radiant heating system in our kennel this week.  It's very, very cold in there right now.  We've been running this kerosene fired heater that sounds and smells like a jet engine; because the kennel walls and ceiling have not been insulated yet all heat goes straight up and out.  Even with that heater running the temp averages around 40 degrees inside but that's better than 10 degrees which is what it is outside of the building.  One of the brass couples on the Pex pipes froze up.  Randy said he was going to buy a new one.  I'm guessing he meant the frozen one would no longer work.  I don't know maybe he was telling me the plastic Pex pipe busted.  This kennel has been a lot of work, lots of frustration and lots of money.  Phil enjoys his dogs but some days I think I'd rather have back all the money we've put into the kennel building.  I told him that yesterday.  Said I could have gone to Mexico and stayed a year on that money.  He asked if he would have been invited to go with me.  :)   After 25 years the man still makes me laugh!  Now I've got to find someone to insulate the ceiling for us so the heat will stay in.  I'll check with our sons to see if they would be able to help insulate and finish the walls inside.

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