Wednesday, February 27, 2013


I don't know why ski masks or toboggans, as we called them when I was little, are now called Balaclavas.  I searched on Ravelry for a pattern for a ski mask I thought Phil would like.  He had asked me for a white hat with face mask he could wear while snow goose hunting.  I picked out a military style helmet liner pattern.

I went to Kathy's Kreations on Monday and Kathy Zimmerman was kind enough to show me white wool yarn which would work with what I wanted to make.  What I picked out was a beautiful winter white yarn called Simpliworsted by HiKoo for Skacel Yarns.  It's 55% merino superwash, 28% acrylic and 17% nylon.  Yes, I know.  I hate acrylic yarn but this combination works great!

I started on the hat Monday evening and finished up around noon today.  I even tried it on myself to make sure it was soft, non scratchy on the face and that it would be large enough to fit Phil.  It's perfect.

And here it is on my hubby in his snow goose hunting outfit!  I love how you can only see his eyes.  giggle  He makes me gush.

Monday, February 25, 2013

More Knitting

I jumped right into another project as soon as I finished Phil's socks!  I started on the Sawtelle sweater for Lilly by Berroco yarns.

The yarn is Berroco's Remix line.  The pattern called for three inches of Blush at the bottom of the sweater and I decided to knit four and a half inches before starting with the remainder of the sweater in Patina.

I like the combination of the pink and gray yarns.  The dominant color is gray.  I'm happy Jess liked this because it means she'll put it on Lilly.  Yay!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Finished the Socks

OMG, it has taken me forever to finish Phil's socks.  I started working on them right before New Years.  Yesterday we drove to Altoona for a sports and outdoor show that Phil wanted to attend.  I hate those things because I am now claustrophobic and people are squeezed in there like sardines in a can.  I managed to knit two inches while we were driving.  When we got back home I finished the sock while we were watching t.v.

On the way home yesterday we made a detour to Bedford which is only 34 miles from Altoona.  I like to stop at the Goodwill store there.  I found four super nice flat muslin sheets from which I can make the girls nightgowns.  I snagged some vintage patterns, too.

The middle two are for baby dolls.  I couldn't pass them up.

Phil was gracious enough to go in the store with me even though thrifting isn't his cup of tea.  He did manage to find a vintage water canteen for $4.99 which I thought was a steal.  When we go to dog trials and field events, or even training days at the club grounds, we have to take water for the dogs.  This is a great way to do that.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

The other day I shopped at CVS for Valentine's Day candy and gifts for my granddaughters.  I also picked up gifts for Jassmine to pass out at dance class.

This morning I gave Lilly her gift.  She said, "Thank you, Grandma."  So sweet!

I stopped by to give Dixie and Jassie their gifts.  Dixie opened a chocolate heart and popped it in her mouth.  Jassie came home with me so I can have her ready for pictures at dance class tomorrow.  She's pretty excited about it.  She takes acrobatics, tap and ballet so she has three costumes to wear tomorrow for pictures. I took photos of her in her costumes a while back.  She looked so cute.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

So Excited!

No, it's not another grand baby on the way although that would be wonderful!  My oldest son and his wife made an offer to buy a house and if all goes smoothly they will settle on the house at the end of March!  So amazing!  So exciting!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sunday, February 10, 2013

The weather outside is warming up which, in turn, makes out log home warmer inside.  I'm finally comfortable.  The past two weeks at 61 degrees inside, with the wood stove going day and night, was not enough to keep me warm.  We've been refilling the stove every two hours.  I really wonder how our grandmothers managed to keep their homes warm?

The house my dad grew up in had a kitchen with wood cook stove, main room with wood stove, front bedroom and back bedroom for the children.  Back bedroom never got warm.  There was no running water or plumbing until after my grandpa died in 1972.  Electricity came to the mountains about 1951.  Before their house was built in 1944 the family lived in a two story, two hundred year old log house built by our ancestor Andrew Farley and wife Anna Cook.  There were fireplaces on both ends of the house.  I think it must have been difficult to cook inside of a fireplace.

The house my mom grew up in also only had four rooms.  You had the main room with a coal stove, my grandparent's bedroom off that room and from there you continued into the kitchen with wood cook stove and behind that was the back bedroom for the children.  Mom tells me they got electricity to the house in 1951 but I remember there never was plumbing or running water.

When we were little we had a chamber pot to use in the night but during the day we used the outhouse.  I remember at both my granny's homes we had out baths in a big washtub sat in front of the wood stove which was filled with water heated on the stove.  Of course we hauled water from the well in five gallon buckets into the house.  That was a lot of work but I think you appreciated more of what you had because you to do the work yourself.

I have brownies baking in the oven.  I'm trying to figure out what I'll make for dinner.  Phil is out training dogs this morning and I'm home by myself.  I visited with Ralph, Jess and Lilly yesterday.  That was an awesome morning!  I've gotten past the heel of the second sock I've been working on for Phil.  I bought Berroco Remix yarn for the Sawtelle sweater I'm going to make for Lilly.  It looks like an easy knit and it's so cute!  If only I could finish this sock quickly so I could be on to knitting that sweater!  Ugg, about six more inches of foot to go before starting the toe.

Brownies are smelling wonderful!  Mom's surgery went well.  She had back surgery to clean up the lumbar discs.  Surgery went well.  She's had no pain and has actually been able to sleep through the night and walk on her own!  Amazing!  So very thankful!  When my parents were visiting at Christmas mom was barely able to walk and had started falling because the nerves from her back were pinched.  I was worried she would end up in a wheelchair.  Thankful for good doctors and a God who answers prayer!

Brownies are done!  And, it's time to load the wood stove up again.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Babies. Where does the time go?

Today my youngest turns 27.  Hard to believe.  I remember asking if it was a girl and they told me no. I said that his name was Joseph and then the nurse showed him to me.  He had blonde hair and big eyes that just stared at me.

I remember my mom coming up to the hospital to see us.  She was the first to hold him after he had his first bath in the nursery.  It was funny.  The hospital had this long counter with babies lined up on it waiting for their baths.

My ex brought Ralph up to see his baby brother.  He was so cute.  He was wearing Oshkosh B'Gosh overalls and a checkered shirt along with a baseball cap.

My uncle Larry came to the hospital to see us.  We didn't have any money to buy the hospital photos so he paid for them.  I remember a minister passing out carnations to all the mothers.  I cried when he gave me mine.

We were in the hospital a week after Joe's birth.  I was scared on the way home.  The roads were bad.  I was thankful Ralph was home with my mom.

Joe was a good baby.  He only cried when he was hungry or needed a diaper change.  Many times I checked on him during the night only to find Ralph in the crib with him; all cuddled up and sucking his thumb holding the baby's hand.

Happy birthday, son.  I hope it's a good one!  Love you.