Wednesday, February 27, 2013


I don't know why ski masks or toboggans, as we called them when I was little, are now called Balaclavas.  I searched on Ravelry for a pattern for a ski mask I thought Phil would like.  He had asked me for a white hat with face mask he could wear while snow goose hunting.  I picked out a military style helmet liner pattern.

I went to Kathy's Kreations on Monday and Kathy Zimmerman was kind enough to show me white wool yarn which would work with what I wanted to make.  What I picked out was a beautiful winter white yarn called Simpliworsted by HiKoo for Skacel Yarns.  It's 55% merino superwash, 28% acrylic and 17% nylon.  Yes, I know.  I hate acrylic yarn but this combination works great!

I started on the hat Monday evening and finished up around noon today.  I even tried it on myself to make sure it was soft, non scratchy on the face and that it would be large enough to fit Phil.  It's perfect.

And here it is on my hubby in his snow goose hunting outfit!  I love how you can only see his eyes.  giggle  He makes me gush.

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