Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sunday, February 10, 2013

The weather outside is warming up which, in turn, makes out log home warmer inside.  I'm finally comfortable.  The past two weeks at 61 degrees inside, with the wood stove going day and night, was not enough to keep me warm.  We've been refilling the stove every two hours.  I really wonder how our grandmothers managed to keep their homes warm?

The house my dad grew up in had a kitchen with wood cook stove, main room with wood stove, front bedroom and back bedroom for the children.  Back bedroom never got warm.  There was no running water or plumbing until after my grandpa died in 1972.  Electricity came to the mountains about 1951.  Before their house was built in 1944 the family lived in a two story, two hundred year old log house built by our ancestor Andrew Farley and wife Anna Cook.  There were fireplaces on both ends of the house.  I think it must have been difficult to cook inside of a fireplace.

The house my mom grew up in also only had four rooms.  You had the main room with a coal stove, my grandparent's bedroom off that room and from there you continued into the kitchen with wood cook stove and behind that was the back bedroom for the children.  Mom tells me they got electricity to the house in 1951 but I remember there never was plumbing or running water.

When we were little we had a chamber pot to use in the night but during the day we used the outhouse.  I remember at both my granny's homes we had out baths in a big washtub sat in front of the wood stove which was filled with water heated on the stove.  Of course we hauled water from the well in five gallon buckets into the house.  That was a lot of work but I think you appreciated more of what you had because you to do the work yourself.

I have brownies baking in the oven.  I'm trying to figure out what I'll make for dinner.  Phil is out training dogs this morning and I'm home by myself.  I visited with Ralph, Jess and Lilly yesterday.  That was an awesome morning!  I've gotten past the heel of the second sock I've been working on for Phil.  I bought Berroco Remix yarn for the Sawtelle sweater I'm going to make for Lilly.  It looks like an easy knit and it's so cute!  If only I could finish this sock quickly so I could be on to knitting that sweater!  Ugg, about six more inches of foot to go before starting the toe.

Brownies are smelling wonderful!  Mom's surgery went well.  She had back surgery to clean up the lumbar discs.  Surgery went well.  She's had no pain and has actually been able to sleep through the night and walk on her own!  Amazing!  So very thankful!  When my parents were visiting at Christmas mom was barely able to walk and had started falling because the nerves from her back were pinched.  I was worried she would end up in a wheelchair.  Thankful for good doctors and a God who answers prayer!

Brownies are done!  And, it's time to load the wood stove up again.

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Coloncancersupport said...

I just started reading your blog a while ago. Love the fact that you keep it light - makes us readers feel that even if we have the big C in our lives, living with it is not impossible.