Friday, March 29, 2013

More Vintage Patterns!

I love vintage patterns.  My family thinks I'm a hoarder.  HA!  I scrounge through thrift stores and shop online hoping to find a real gem.  The hardest part for me isn't the buying of the pattern.  It's deciding what fabric to use to make the item.  A lot of times I can't find what I'm truly looking for so the pattern sits and the girls (granddaughters) grow too quickly for me to use the pattern.  Dang!

Here are some of my newest finds.  Simplicity 2582 for Jassie which is a shortie pajama set and nightgown pattern.  Can be used for summer or winter depending on the fabric you choose with the long sleeved option.

Simplicity 2056 for Lilly and Dixie to match the pattern I bought a  few months ago for Jassie.  I absolutely LOVE this pattern.

I love this bubble romper.  I think it'll be great for Lilly and Dixie this summer!

Most of the patterns I buy at thrift stores are no more than a dollar each.  Patterns online vary as to age (1930-1970) vintage (although 1980 is considered vintage now and that's when I graduated high school.  Ugg.) and condition.  A perfect wrapper and unused condition commands a high price although I have seen used patterns in great condition go for over $20.  I think unless you're a pattern collector, and I'm not, why pay that?  I plan to use the patterns I'm buying.  The most I've paid for a pattern has been about $14 and that was the Butterick 2056 I bought for Jassie a while back.  The matching pattern (above) cost about $9.  I love to sew for the girls.  It's faster than knitting.  Usually I can finish a project in a day whereas when I'm knitting it takes days and sometimes weeks to complete.

Now to find cute fabric for those bubble rompers!


Tina said...

I love seeing your patterns, even though I don't sew. I've always loved patterns since I was a little girl and my mom would occasionally buy one and make me something. Brings back memories! Your granddaughters are blessed to have you making such beautiful items for them.

Carol Pack Urban said...

Thank you, Tina!

Sew Pretty Dresses said...

I LOOOOVE these patterns! Hoard away girl! I have joined you. Kindred spirits! =D