Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Tuesday, March 26

I go in for blood work today.  It's been six months since my visit with the oncologist.  I will see him next Thursday.  I am always scheduled for blood work a week prior to my oncology visit so he has the results back in time to review them with me.

Our health insurance carrier changed this year.  We had been with UPMC HMO for at least 10 years and I loved it.  Minimum copays and no deductibles.  With the new carrier and plan we have deductibles and copays.  I have a feeling we'll be paying everything up to the point where the deductible is met.  Still, when you consider that I am a cancer survivor just having good insurance is a wonderful thing.

I got an email from the new insurance carrier this past week letting me know that I would most likely save myself money by using their designated diagnostic service instead of having blood drawn at the cancer center.

Oh, Lord!  My appointment is in an hour and I need to leave in 20 minutes to get there!  Yikes, what was I thinking?

I made it there in plenty of time and even had to wait a little bit.  There were seven people in the waiting area when I got there.  All were walk-ins so I was able to get in for my appointment before them.  High five for scheduling my appointment online!  Too bad I can't get the results prior to my visit with the doctor next week.  I am soooooooo impatient.  I hate waiting in the office for him to come in and read my test results.  Praying I've stayed on the cured list!

UPDATE on April 1:  Got my lab results via email.  Yay!  A whole lot of things I don't understand which were tested for during my blood work.  The only thing I really care about is the CEA result which is still at 0.5 (zero point five)!  YIPPEE!!  I see Dr. V in three days.

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Tina said...

Our insurance has changed too. The first year I had cancer we hardly paid anything; now, I've already met my $600 deductible for the year! Yikes! But I am grateful just to have good insurance!
I'll be praying for you this week. I'm so glad I get my test results right away online--i hate waiting too!