Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Knitting with Beads

I'd like to learn how to knit with beads.  I bought two books a few months ago and then bought yarn that was pre-beaded.  I didn't like the pre-beaded yarn quite so much because you didn't have the ability to select where you wanted bead placement.  I also found this tutorial online that shows you how to thread the beads onto the yarn using very small crochet hooks.

Today I bought two small packages of 4mm Swarovski beads by EKsuccess Brands.  There are 30 beads per package and the colors are; clear, light green, light blue and teal blue.  I plan to knit them into the lace pattern of the socks I started last night....for ME!  The sock pattern is called Flying Arrows Socks by Helen Waittes.  The pattern calls for a size 1 1/2-2 (2.5mm) needle which I don't have.  I do have a size 2 (2.75mm) needle.  I looked through the needle racks at Jo-Ann's Fabrics last week and again today.  No size 1 1/2 knitting needles.  

I've only gotten through part of the second pattern repeat and it's going slow but I'm trying to be careful and not drop stitches.  I find it difficult to knit while the tv is on or my husband is talking.  Sorry, hubby!  Is it my age or all that chemo?  Probably the first and not the latter.  :)

The yarn I'm using is called Sloth in the Sinful Signature colorway by YarnLust.  It's a pale greenish blue that I'm just in love with.  I hope you can make out the colors in the photos below.  It's 50% superwash merino wool and 50% tencel fiber.

I'm hoping this photo from my stash at Ravelry shows the color better.

Okay, I don't have a crochet needle small enough to secure the beads onto the yarn so I'm hand sewing each one on.  Ugg.  What I did not want to do.  Here's what the first sock is looking like.

I ripped the sock out this morning.  I hated the beads on the yarn and the sock stretched too much to get on my foot.  It looked horrible.  I'm looking for larger needles hoping this will correct the problem with stretching.

I decided to go with a different pattern.  I'm using A Pair of Hearts by Donna Edgar.  Okay, what is wrong with me?  The sock was way too large so again I started over and over three more times until I gave up.  

Today (Thursday, May 2) I started over yet again.  This time going with the Dragonfly pattern I'd used for two previous socks.  I hand strung the beads onto the yarn and knitted them into the cuff.  I am happy with the sock and have started on the heel flap.