Saturday, May 18, 2013

Countdown to Puppies

We are anticipating Opal to deliver pups in the next couple of days.  She's moved into the whelping room where she has lots of room to move around.  As soon as they start arriving I'll start posting pictures.

I've been a little lax.  Opal started delivering pups around 1:30 p.m. on Sunday, May 19.  First was a girl followed by a boy at 3:00.  He was breech.  I checked again at 4:30 and there were two.

I also had Jass and Dixie today.  The kids borrowed our boat to go fishing on the lake and wanted me to watch the girls.  I love having them but it was a little difficult with them here and me having to run back and forth to the kennel checking for pups.  I took the girls to the park for an hour and then we came back and checked pups, went up to the house to play a little bit and then Pappy came home with dinner.  After dinner I gave them a bath and they played a little while until Joe came to pick them up.  The girls did see Opal give birth to one pup.  Jass thought it was really nasty looking.  She was a little more receptive to the pup's looks after Opal cleaned it up.

There were six pups at 7 p.m.  Five males and one female.  

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