Friday, May 24, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend Freeze

Who would have thought that after near 90 degree weather last week we would have 50 degree weather during the day this week and freezing temps at night?  Tonight is supposed to be 32!  Who knows? We may get snow.  For heavens sake, it's almost JUNE!

I have a fire going in the wood stove trying to keep the house warm.  I still haven't ordered propane.  I have the radiant floor heat in the kennel set to 68 in the main part of the building and 80 degrees in the whelping room plus the poultry lamp on.  Just trying to keep the puppies warm.  A drastic drop in temperature could cause them to chill which could lead to pneumonia.  The first week is the most difficult.  We have to keep them warm.

Here's praying the weather warms up again and we don't have anymore freezing temps until October!

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