Friday, June 7, 2013

Knitted Summer Top

For the past three days I've been working on a knitted summer top for Jassie.  I wanted to work on hers first since it would be the largest of the three girls.  The pattern is called Sursulapitschi Girl's Top by Andrea Krüß-Anders.  It's sized to fit a 6-9 year old girl.  Let's hope it fits her!  Cotton is stretchy.

I'm finishing up on the second strap and then will go back to working the length of the top.  I only had one skein of Classic Elite Yarn's Provence in 56625 (Egyptian Cotton).  It's a discontinued color that I bought at Kathy's Kreations in Ligonier a few years ago.  I have two skeins of similar colors but not close enough to have worked in for this top.  Instead, I'll make each girl a top using the other two skeins.

The pattern calls for size 7 U.S. circular needles in a length I did not have so I used straight needles plus a 16 inch circular needle just for the straps.  Downside to not having the correct needles means I will have to seam the back of the top.

The photo was taken with my cell phone.  The color is off.  It's a raspberry color but not as purple as it looks in the photo.

I have just a little bit to go and then I can seam up the back, wash and block and get her to try it on.  I'm pleased with how it looks.

And, now finished.

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