Friday, August 30, 2013

Torrential Rainfall

We had a tremendous amount of rain come through the area this week.  So much that a good bit of my driveway washed away. We have two streams and springs on the property that feed into a native trout stream.

The building that you see in the photos is our dog kennel.  When we were first clearing our property we had to sell our hunting camp to pay for that driveway.

I worked to put rock back onto the driveway yesterday.  Big rocks.  Not gravel.  I wanted to put enough rock back so that we could get in and out of the driveway and so a heavy truck could possibly get down to deliver a load of rock.  This is a view from my truck as I came back home from running errands yesterday.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Summer Nightgowns

I picked up two of our three granddaughters yesterday.  We spent most of the day with the third one today.  The girls had a lot of fun playing together.  So did I.

I've been wanting to make the girls summer nightgowns.  This was my inspiration:

Kinda late to be doing that now that it's almost September but I was able to make one for Dixie this afternoon and have almost finished Jassie's at 11:30 p.m.  I have to measure for straps and sew those on and hers will be done.  I will need to take my sewing machine with me when I work on Lilly's gown.

Here's Dixie in hers.  Jassie put Dixie's hair up in pigtails.  Looks cute on her!

Here's Jassie in her gown.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Apples, apples, apples

I've been scouting for apple trees to pick.  Rather have them not sprayed.  On the way to Sam's Club I noticed two trees on the side of the road and thought if I push myself hard enough I'll stop on the way home to ask if I can pick the trees.

So, on the way back as I was coming up over the rise in the road and rounding the turn I decided I was gonna stop and ask.  I pulled into the driveway of the first house and the only person I saw took off with a chain saw like he didn't want to talk to me.  I got out of the truck and walked to the house and knocked on the door.  A teenage boy (now how do you call them that when obviously they're almost all grown up) answered and told me that side of the road didn't belong to them.  DaRn!  The property must have been parceled out because the house definitely was part of the property with barn on the other side of the road at one time.

With that stop being a bust I continued driving up the road towards home.  The next tree I saw looked to be real small apples plus no one was home.  I kept going.  I got home, unloaded my groceries and headed to the post office to mail a package then I remembered I needed wide mouth Mason jar lids.  I drove over to the hardware store and picked up jar lids and as I was coming out of the store I spied a gorgeous apple tree right there along the parking lot!  I went back inside and asked about the tree.  Turns out it belongs with the house adjacent to the store so I went over and knocked on the door to ask about picking the tree.

A beautiful older woman came to the door.  She said the only person who ever picked that tree was her daughter and that was to feed deer.  I told her I planned to make apple jelly and asked if would she like some.  She gave me a smile and said, just a little bit.  haha

I drove home and picked up my ladder, baskets and two large pots.  I picked for about half an hour and filled everything up.  Right now one small batch is cooking up on the stove now and smells so good!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Cherry Preserves

My mouth is watering just thinking about all the jam I've made this summer.  Yum!  Each has been so good.  

Today I made cherry preserves.  I don't have any cherry trees near me except for wild choke cherry.  I've used that in the past and it's been delish.  I haven't found any trees with branches low enough to the ground for me to pick so I bought a bag of cherries at Giant Eagle the other day and used those.  Turned out extremely yummy but still not as delicioso as the strawberry I made last month.  OMG, was that ever good!

I used the recipe in the Sure Jell box.  I ended up with two cups of cherry pieces and juice after a few whizzes in the food processor.  Don't worry.  I removed all the pits prior to processing.  giggle  I added one tablespoon of lemon juice, one tablespoon of butter and four cups of sugar.  I ended up with five half-pints.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Sewing for Me

A few weeks ago while we were at Walmart I bought fabric in the $1.00 bin.  Six yards total.  Two cuts of three yards each in a cotton-rayon blend.  I liked the colors in the fabric and since they were on sale I bought them along with Simplicity pattern 2892.  I decided on version D.  I don't like belt ties.

The first photo is the fabric I cut out today.  While both fabrics share the same colors the fabric in photo one is a smaller print and rather muted.  The colors in photo two are bold and the pattern larger.

I finished the first top tonight.  I love the fabric although it does fray real bad.  I'm not sure I really like the way the front of the yoke looks.  I also think bias tape using the same fabric instead of store bought would have looked much nicer.  I'll cut out the second top tomorrow.

And lastly.  Me in the top.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Zucchini Pickles

I worked most of the day on zucchini pickles with onions, garlic, red and yellow peppers.  I combined two recipes I found online.  One was just called Zucchini Pickles and the other was Sweet and Spicy Pickles.  I don't think I chilled the veg long enough before adding to the pickling mixture or I may have left them in the hot pickling mixture too long.  The smell was wonderful but the veg/pickles a little soggy.  Next up I'll be looking for a dill pickle recipe.

Pics of some of the items I've put up.  The pickles are front left of the first photo and the second photo.

Saturday, August 10, 2013


I picked black raspberries around our property and had enough to make four half pints of jam.  I added a handful of blueberries to the mixture and it turned out great!

I picked peas one day but there wasn't enough to can so I froze them.  I picked beans for an hour and ended up with enough to get seven pints in the pressure canner.  Now I'm looking for sweet pickle recipes that I can process in the water bath canner.  No cucumbers.  I plan to use zucchini.

I bought a sewing pattern last week and did not have time to cut it out and start sewing.  I'd like to do that this week.  I need something new to wear.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Patting myself on the back!

I have a 2006 F150 Lariat 4x4 pickup truck that I looooooooove!  We drove it on Sunday to Cracker Barrel to have breakfast with my parents.  After breakfast we ran errands and then came back home.  Hubs went to train dogs at the lake and then parked the truck when he got back.  Monday evening he went to start the truck and while it would hesitate and then start for a second or two it would not stay running.  After trying a bunch of times he thought the battery was dead and charged it for a while.  Then thinking it may be low on gas he added a few gallons we keep for cutting grass with the mower.  Nope, it wasn't that either.

Yesterday I called my son to come check the truck to find out what was wrong.  He thought it was the fuel pump and asked me to check prices online and he'd put the new one on.  The first thing I did was Google replacing a fuel pump on an F150 pickup.  Up popped a">F150 forum
 which said to check the fuel pump driver module first before replacing the fuel pump.  Well, the photos made it look easy enough.  You just drop down the spare tire and take the module off the frame above the spare tire.  Hmmmm.  I know I can do that!

So today I did just that.  Only a few minor glitches.  The lock to the spare tire would not open.  I ended up taking the pin out of the back of the lock from underneath the truck and the lock popped right out.  I'll have to buy a new one but it was broken anyway.  Then I had to look in the truck manual to figure out how to get the spare tire down.  Not as easy as it looks.  Difficult to find the slot the rod goes into to lower the tire.  After I lowered the tire I was able to get underneath the truck and take the module off using a socket wrench and a whole lot of this spray on grime remover called Blaster!  I'll tell you I didn't even break a fingernail!  LOL!  I was able to find a new module at NAPA Auto Parts for $100 including tax.  Now I need someone to take me over there tomorrow to pick it up.  I was so proud of myself I text my parents and called my husband.  haha

Update:  August 8, 2013:  I put on the new module and then hooked up the battery charger.  Four hours later we started up the truck!  Yay!  It runs!!!