Sunday, August 25, 2013

Summer Nightgowns

I picked up two of our three granddaughters yesterday.  We spent most of the day with the third one today.  The girls had a lot of fun playing together.  So did I.

I've been wanting to make the girls summer nightgowns.  This was my inspiration:

Kinda late to be doing that now that it's almost September but I was able to make one for Dixie this afternoon and have almost finished Jassie's at 11:30 p.m.  I have to measure for straps and sew those on and hers will be done.  I will need to take my sewing machine with me when I work on Lilly's gown.

Here's Dixie in hers.  Jassie put Dixie's hair up in pigtails.  Looks cute on her!

Here's Jassie in her gown.

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Lindsay(PACountryCrafts) said...

They look very pretty and comfy- just what every little girl wants! :)