Friday, August 30, 2013

Torrential Rainfall

We had a tremendous amount of rain come through the area this week.  So much that a good bit of my driveway washed away. We have two streams and springs on the property that feed into a native trout stream.

The building that you see in the photos is our dog kennel.  When we were first clearing our property we had to sell our hunting camp to pay for that driveway.

I worked to put rock back onto the driveway yesterday.  Big rocks.  Not gravel.  I wanted to put enough rock back so that we could get in and out of the driveway and so a heavy truck could possibly get down to deliver a load of rock.  This is a view from my truck as I came back home from running errands yesterday.

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Lindsay(PACountryCrafts) said...

Oh, no! What a mess! I hope you can get it fixed soon!!