Sunday, September 29, 2013

Montera Mittens

I found this Classic Elite Montera yarn in the discontinued bin at Kathy's Kreations in Ligonier.  First, I fell in love with the color.  It's baby blue (Antique Ice #3829).  My favorite color!  Second, it's so soft and has a halo about it which is probably the Llama wool.  Bummer that it only contains 127 yards to knit with!

I searched Ravelry looking for a pattern which uses Aran yarn under 150 yards and came up with Berglind Inga Gudmundsdottir's Home mittens.

Last night I printed off the pattern and cast on.  I made it to the increases for the thumb and then decided that I knit too tight with this yarn and the size needles suggested in the pattern because my mitten was much smaller than Berglind's.  Her pattern calls for 3mm and 4 mm needles.  So I ripped out and will be starting over using larger needles.  I'm going to use 3.75mm and 5mm needles.  Hopefully the new mittens will not end up fitting my husband.  giggle

A few hours later and I'm back to where I was prior to ripping out.  Just praying I have enough yarn to finish.

Update:  Frogged this evening; 9/30/2013.  Not enough yarn.  I went back to Kathy's Kreations today and spoke with Kathy Zimmerman about what to do.  At first I thought about doing half the mittens in light blue and the other half in dark blue but the look she gave me said that was a definite no.  haha

I bought two raspberry colored Montera skeins and one dark blue which I found in the discount bin.  Lovely yarn.  We started talking about adding beads to yarn and she pointed me to the shop next door which sold beads.  I came home with a vial of raspberry colored glass beads that I intend to add to the yarn.  I still plan to make mittens.  Tomorrow I'll wind the first skein into a ball.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Blood Work

Well, it's that time of the year again!  Twice a year I have to get blood drawn for my oncologist.  Thankfully, I don't have to get scanned anymore!  Blood draw scheduled for the morning and the oncologist visit next week.  Fingers crossed that all is still good!!!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Today was our anniversary.  Twenty four years ago we said, "I Do," to one another and have tried for better or for worse to follow through.  It wasn't quite the anniversary that we had hoped for.  I was sick over the weekend and today we had a club meeting.  It was Subway for dinner and even that didn't sit well on my tummy.

Thursday I stopped to see Lilly.  She showed me the popsicle stick puppets she made with daddy and mommy.  We had fun playing.  She even showed me how she can pedal her new bike!  I knew she was tired when she said it was time for me to go home.  LOL!

Friday I picked Jassie and Dixie up for the weekend.  Phil trained dogs in the morning while the girls played and I made a dress for Dixie.  She picked out pink, grey and white horse knit fabric for her dress.  It kind of looks like camo fabric.  This was my first time working with knit fabric.  I looked at a lot of knit fabric tutorials online.  The pattern called for a 14 inch zipper closure in back.  It did look cute on her.  I'm using Simplicity pattern 9032825 for both girls.  It goes from sizes 3-8.

Jassie picked out a daisy floral knit fabric for her dress.  I have it cut out and meant to have it sewn up for her on Sunday but I caught some sort of stomach virus and was out for the count all day yesterday and today.  Hoping I can start and finish it up tomorrow.  I have a lot of running around to do.

While we waited in the truck for pappy to come out of Walmart, the girls blew on his duck calls and dog training whistles.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Baby Boy Sweater

My husband's niece/goddaughter had her baby three weeks early.  Don't worry.  Everything went well and they are both home now.  I've seen photos and he's a gorgeous baby just as I expected.  He weighs a little smidgen over five pounds.

I had planned to knit a sweater and hat for him but know how hard it is to find something to fit a little baby so I searched Ravelry for a preemie infant sweater pattern.  I found a simple raglan sweater pattern and started knitting last night.  It's been a fast knit.  I have the sleeves to finish and buttons to attach, then to knit up the hat.

Here's what I have so far.  I chose matching puppy dog buttons.  It's being modeled by my 20 inch Berenger baby doll.  The doll is larger than the baby so I know the sweater will fit.  The doll was a thrift store find for fifty cents a few years ago.  Does anyone know how to get stains out of a cloth baby doll?  I don't want to throw it in the washer.

Saturday, September 7, 2013


I put a note on the bulletin board at the post office last week asking if anyone had fruit trees which I could pick for them to call me.  I received a call on Thursday from a woman who said she had two apple trees in her yard.  One was a pear apple and the other a red apple.  On Friday afternoon I drove to her house with my ladder and fruit baskets.  I probably picked apples for half an hour then came home and got out the new apple corer - peeler I bought a couple weeks ago.  It worked like a dream!  No more having to peel apples by hand with a paring knife!  YES!  Last night I was able to get five pints of applesauce canned.  Today I ended up with six.  The applesauce is so good!  As the apples were cooking down I added two teaspoons of cinnamon and one cup of sugar.  Yum!  Soooooo good!