Saturday, September 7, 2013


I put a note on the bulletin board at the post office last week asking if anyone had fruit trees which I could pick for them to call me.  I received a call on Thursday from a woman who said she had two apple trees in her yard.  One was a pear apple and the other a red apple.  On Friday afternoon I drove to her house with my ladder and fruit baskets.  I probably picked apples for half an hour then came home and got out the new apple corer - peeler I bought a couple weeks ago.  It worked like a dream!  No more having to peel apples by hand with a paring knife!  YES!  Last night I was able to get five pints of applesauce canned.  Today I ended up with six.  The applesauce is so good!  As the apples were cooking down I added two teaspoons of cinnamon and one cup of sugar.  Yum!  Soooooo good!

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