Sunday, September 8, 2013

Baby Boy Sweater

My husband's niece/goddaughter had her baby three weeks early.  Don't worry.  Everything went well and they are both home now.  I've seen photos and he's a gorgeous baby just as I expected.  He weighs a little smidgen over five pounds.

I had planned to knit a sweater and hat for him but know how hard it is to find something to fit a little baby so I searched Ravelry for a preemie infant sweater pattern.  I found a simple raglan sweater pattern and started knitting last night.  It's been a fast knit.  I have the sleeves to finish and buttons to attach, then to knit up the hat.

Here's what I have so far.  I chose matching puppy dog buttons.  It's being modeled by my 20 inch Berenger baby doll.  The doll is larger than the baby so I know the sweater will fit.  The doll was a thrift store find for fifty cents a few years ago.  Does anyone know how to get stains out of a cloth baby doll?  I don't want to throw it in the washer.

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