Sunday, September 29, 2013

Montera Mittens

I found this Classic Elite Montera yarn in the discontinued bin at Kathy's Kreations in Ligonier.  First, I fell in love with the color.  It's baby blue (Antique Ice #3829).  My favorite color!  Second, it's so soft and has a halo about it which is probably the Llama wool.  Bummer that it only contains 127 yards to knit with!

I searched Ravelry looking for a pattern which uses Aran yarn under 150 yards and came up with Berglind Inga Gudmundsdottir's Home mittens.

Last night I printed off the pattern and cast on.  I made it to the increases for the thumb and then decided that I knit too tight with this yarn and the size needles suggested in the pattern because my mitten was much smaller than Berglind's.  Her pattern calls for 3mm and 4 mm needles.  So I ripped out and will be starting over using larger needles.  I'm going to use 3.75mm and 5mm needles.  Hopefully the new mittens will not end up fitting my husband.  giggle

A few hours later and I'm back to where I was prior to ripping out.  Just praying I have enough yarn to finish.

Update:  Frogged this evening; 9/30/2013.  Not enough yarn.  I went back to Kathy's Kreations today and spoke with Kathy Zimmerman about what to do.  At first I thought about doing half the mittens in light blue and the other half in dark blue but the look she gave me said that was a definite no.  haha

I bought two raspberry colored Montera skeins and one dark blue which I found in the discount bin.  Lovely yarn.  We started talking about adding beads to yarn and she pointed me to the shop next door which sold beads.  I came home with a vial of raspberry colored glass beads that I intend to add to the yarn.  I still plan to make mittens.  Tomorrow I'll wind the first skein into a ball.

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