Friday, October 25, 2013


I'm almost finished with a headband I started last night for my daughter in law, Jessica.  Phil and I were out cutting firewood yesterday and it was cold as heck.  It even started snowing.  I didn't have a hat with me and Phil's baseball caps do nothing for ear warmth.  I thought a headband would surely do the trick.

When we got home I checked my Pinterest board for the headband pins I'd put up the day before.  Daughter in law commented that she'd like one, too, and picked one out on my Pinterest board.  The one she liked is called Nakiska which is a pattern by Amy Swenson.  I decided to use the Montera yarn I worked with a few weeks ago.  It's turning out lovely and I'm almost finished.

I'm using a U.S. 5 circular needle in 16 inch length.  I love the cables but my goodness I find them hard to do.  It's possible that the reason is the tiny J cable needle that I'm using.  It's the only cable needle that I have.  I took a photo and will take another once it's finished.

Headband is blocking right now.  It looks nice.

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