Monday, October 14, 2013

Knitting for Baby Boy

I started another knitting project yesterday.  I'm working on a pair of pants or longies as they are called in the pattern.  I'm using the Simple Knitted Longies pattern by Nissa Gadbois.

I'm using Berroco Vintage Dk in the 2105 colorway.  It's a light colored brown.  I plan to knit a sweater to go with the pants.  The sweater will be the same Berroco Vintage DK blue I used for the preemie sweater and bonnet I made last month for Maurizio.  This time I want to incorporate the brown yarn into the sweater.

I think they will be super warm and so comfy for him!  Hopefully we'll get to meet him at Christmas when his parents are up visiting.

Here's where I am today (October 20).


Pat said...

They are darling. I want to knit for babies again.

Carol Pack Urban said...

I finally finished the pants! Yay! Will wash and block tomorrow ... er, later today. :)