Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Montera Mittens Take Two

I'm going to try the Home Mittens pattern again this time using the raspberry Classic Elite Montera yarn and sizes 3.5 and 4.0 mm needles.  I'm using circular needles.

I'd like to incorporate the glass beads I picked up yesterday but not sure what to do yet.  I think the yarn itself is too thick to pre-string the beads so it might be better to use a crochet hook to place each bead.  I don't think I should put beads on the palm or hand of the mittens.  I think they would look better on the back of the hand.  I'll give it a go and take pics along the way.

I may put beading on after the mittens are all worked up.  I almost have the first one finished.  Just need to do the thumb.

I finished the first mitten while at the oncologist's office today.

Update Oct 7, 2013:  Finished the second mitten this evening.  Beautiful and warm without being scratchy!  Will work up a design to embroider possibly using beads.

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