Saturday, November 23, 2013

Planning for Christmas

Anyone who knows me knows that I absolutely hate having to shop at the mall especially around holidays.  Panic sets in as soon as I get inside.  Most of the time I shop online.  Today I shopped for the granddaughters.  I scored an extra 15% discount and earned 6% by using the Ebates link to the store's website.  Hubs asked how much I spent and I told him I saved almost $300.  He said that doesn't tell me what you spent.  No, it didn't.  haha

Last year I made gifts.  Specifically, socks.  They took a lot of time to knit.  I'm still looking for a knitting pattern for a cowl / shawl / shoulder wrap.  I'd like one for myself.  I found one that I absolutely loved.  It was perfect only the designer wasn't keen on sharing the design.  Understood.  Will continue searching.  Dagnabit.

Hubs and his two brothers went pheasant hunting this morning.  The dogs did their jobs and worked well together.  The hunters brought home birds.  It was a good morning.

We have a field trial at the beagle club tomorrow morning.  I bought ten frozen turkeys on Friday to pass out to the owners whose dogs place at the trial.  We're supposed to get snow overnight.  NO!  I know this is winter but I hate snow.  I hate cold weather.  I don't know how we're supposed to find rabbits for the dogs to track.  They'll be hunkered down.

We almost have everything ready for Elsa to whelp her pups.  We put up insulating board in the whelping room.  Yesterday, I scrubbed the walls and door with a little soap and bleach and a whole lot of elbow grease.  The floors get scrubbed down daily.  Now to clean up the heat lamp and tray to put inside the whelping box after the pups are born.  This system has worked well for us.  When pups are cold they will move to the tray and when too warm will move off.  The radiant floor system is already turned on and the room is warm.  I'm just hoping she doesn't whelp Thanksgiving day.  I was planning to cook for me and Phil.  I know R&J will be at her mom's.  I invited J in case he won't be eating dinner with the girls.  The last couple of years we've had dinner at Bob Evans.  It was nice but kind of sad at the same time that we weren't together with family for the day.

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