Monday, December 30, 2013

End of the Year

I'm exhausted.  My dad told me the more you sleep the more sleep you need.  Kind of made sense to me.

I've been working with the puppies in the kennel during the day, taking photos and updating both the website and Facebook pages in the evenings.  The past two nights it's been after 2 a.m. before I put the computer down and went to sleep.  I set the clock for 7:30 this morning and slept past the alarm and two phone calls.

We let the fire die out two weeks ago when the weather turned warm.  This morning it got colder and snowed all day.  I split some wood and got the fire going again.  It's not quite at the point where I can turn the thermostat on the furnace back like I normally do.  My mom thought she was freezing to death and I caught her turning the thermostat up to 70.  I usually keep it at 65.

I washed a couple loads of clothes and then worked on C.A.R. end of the year reports and dues notices the rest of the day.  I was trying to find someone to take over the Peggy Shaw Society from me.  No one stepped up yet so I had to file the reports and send in the dues payments to both the state society and national.

Mom and dad went back home on Saturday.  It's quiet in the house without them here.

I'm trying to find a knitting project for myself using 300 yards of merino/angora wool fingering weight yarn.  It's a gorgeous pink and I'm real partial to pink.  I'm thinking a pair of socks.  Ideas???  Patterns???  Suggestions, please.

January 2: When winding the yarn up into balls, I added another yarn.  It's a pink wool yarn I bought way back in 1998 and have been adding to other yarns over the years because it is such a fine yarn.  I like the way it looks wound up together.

January 4: I'm decided on the Simple Autumn Mittens on Ravelry.  I started off using the size 2 circular needles suggested and found the mitten to be small enough to fit one of the granddaughters so I ripped it out and started over with size 3 circs today.

One mitten is finished but I took a break to make another Balaclava for Phil.

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