Sunday, December 1, 2013

More knitting for baby boy

I started a new knitting project a week and a half ago.  Another pair of pants for our niece's son, Maurizio.  I came across Wool and Chocolate's Arbor Overalls on her blog and decided to make a pair using her pattern.  The knitting has been easy although I do not like short rows!  I'm not good at them yet.  The pants are coming along nicely.  I've just finished knitting the gusset and will start knitting each leg separately.  I wanted to show a photo of how it's looking so far.

I picked the girls up for the weekend.  We had a good time.  On Sunday, Ralph, Jess and Lilly came over as did Joe.  With Phil, me, Jassmine and Dixie that made eight for breakfast.  It was a really great day and I admit the food was good.  We had thick cut bacon, fried potatoes with onions, biscuits, cinnamon buns, fried eggs and scrambled eggs plus homemade raspberry jelly.

After breakfast the girls played while the guys stacked firewood.  Jass decided to put on a ballet recital of her own and Lilly was funny when she turned to me and said, "Grandma, that's over with," meaning look at me and pay attention.  haha  We put up the Christmas tree and hung the lights.  We turned on Christmas music and sang while decorating.  It was a good time.

After everyone left I was home alone for a while.  Phil was out training a client's Brittany puppy.  I picked back up the overalls and started knitting.  The crotch needs to be grafted but the pattern calls for that to be done last.  I've gotten two inches further on one leg.  This is the boring part for me.  Inches and inches of repetitive stockinette stitch knitting.


Used-to-Bees said...

Those look super-snuggly! I feel I could do with a pair myself at the moment!

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