Friday, December 20, 2013

Six years ago

I get a bit maudlin during this week every year.  Thinking back on where I was six years ago.  So thankful for where I'm at now both mentally and physically.  Cancer does a number on your body and psyche.  Every day you're attacked with the "what-ifs."  Six years ago I was dying in the hospital.  My husband was told I wouldn't make it.  God touched my body and allowed me to leave the hospital the day after Christmas.  We celebrated that year as if it was our first Christmas.  My sister and her partner came up to visit.  My brother, his children and my parents.  Our sons and their girlfriends along with our baby granddaughter were there.  Even though my body was still weak my heart rejoiced at being home with family.  God was good to me and still is.  I thank him every day for what he has done for me.


Tina said...

So thankful God healed you. May you have MANY more Christmases to share with your family!

Carol Pack Urban said...

Thank you, GF! God bless you, too!!!