Friday, October 25, 2013


I'm almost finished with a headband I started last night for my daughter in law, Jessica.  Phil and I were out cutting firewood yesterday and it was cold as heck.  It even started snowing.  I didn't have a hat with me and Phil's baseball caps do nothing for ear warmth.  I thought a headband would surely do the trick.

When we got home I checked my Pinterest board for the headband pins I'd put up the day before.  Daughter in law commented that she'd like one, too, and picked one out on my Pinterest board.  The one she liked is called Nakiska which is a pattern by Amy Swenson.  I decided to use the Montera yarn I worked with a few weeks ago.  It's turning out lovely and I'm almost finished.

I'm using a U.S. 5 circular needle in 16 inch length.  I love the cables but my goodness I find them hard to do.  It's possible that the reason is the tiny J cable needle that I'm using.  It's the only cable needle that I have.  I took a photo and will take another once it's finished.

Headband is blocking right now.  It looks nice.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Knitting for Baby Boy

I started another knitting project yesterday.  I'm working on a pair of pants or longies as they are called in the pattern.  I'm using the Simple Knitted Longies pattern by Nissa Gadbois.

I'm using Berroco Vintage Dk in the 2105 colorway.  It's a light colored brown.  I plan to knit a sweater to go with the pants.  The sweater will be the same Berroco Vintage DK blue I used for the preemie sweater and bonnet I made last month for Maurizio.  This time I want to incorporate the brown yarn into the sweater.

I think they will be super warm and so comfy for him!  Hopefully we'll get to meet him at Christmas when his parents are up visiting.

Here's where I am today (October 20).

Friday, October 4, 2013

Oncology Visit

My visit with the oncologist yesterday went well.  My blood work was great.  My CEA level has stayed the same for the past four years; less than 0.5 which is fantastic.  I can't believe it's been four years since my last chemo treatment!  He said whatever I'm doing just keep it up.  :)

I called my mom on the way home yesterday and she left me know that her oncologist has said she can have her port removed.  It's already scheduled!

I have the girls this weekend.  Both are finally asleep now, thank you Jesus!  I invited Joe to come spend the weekend with us but he had plans.  Same with Ralph, Jess and Lilly.  So, it'll just be Grandma, Pappy and the girls this weekend.

Jass is enjoying her new ballet class this year.  New teachers and new group of dancers.  The girls are her own age group which is great for her.  Dixie is still not ready.  Lilly takes acro class and is going to be starting into ballet soon.  I already bought her a new leotard!

While trying to get the girls settled into bed tonight I got out my knitting and started on the second mitten.  Then they decided to fight over knitting needles and toys.  I had to take the needles away fearing they would poke each other with them.  Or possibly poke Grandma!

I'm having a difficult time getting to sleep which is why I decided to blog.  Had a bad experience at Tractor Supply today.  Girls in tow, I was buying Purina dog food, stock feed and chicken pellets.  Each had a book picked out.  Paid with two Purina Pro Club checks at $7 each and the balance with my credit card.  Was asked to give my telephone number and I declined to give it.  Then was told I would have to give my contact information in case anything went wrong with the Purina checks.  What?  They are Purina Pro Club checks nothing's going to go wrong.  It's not like Purina is going to bounce checks.  I stood my ground about not giving information and the clerk probably just thought I was a "b*$ch."  Was told it was store policy to get that information.  I was a cashier back in the day.  I understand getting contact info for personal checks but not these were not personal checks.  Sent an email to Tractor Supply letting them know what transpired and told them store policy needs to change.  I could have been the victim of identity theft if someone had written down my phone number and then saw my name on the credit card display screen.  In this day and age there should be some other way to handle this other than verbally giving out information.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Montera Mittens Take Two

I'm going to try the Home Mittens pattern again this time using the raspberry Classic Elite Montera yarn and sizes 3.5 and 4.0 mm needles.  I'm using circular needles.

I'd like to incorporate the glass beads I picked up yesterday but not sure what to do yet.  I think the yarn itself is too thick to pre-string the beads so it might be better to use a crochet hook to place each bead.  I don't think I should put beads on the palm or hand of the mittens.  I think they would look better on the back of the hand.  I'll give it a go and take pics along the way.

I may put beading on after the mittens are all worked up.  I almost have the first one finished.  Just need to do the thumb.

I finished the first mitten while at the oncologist's office today.

Update Oct 7, 2013:  Finished the second mitten this evening.  Beautiful and warm without being scratchy!  Will work up a design to embroider possibly using beads.