Saturday, February 8, 2014

Knitting Books

I ordered used knitting books off the Amazon website last week.  One arrived today.  Debbie Bliss "Essential Knits for Kids."  I couldn't help myself.  The little girl on the front cover of the book is so lovely!  The others which have not arrived are Brandy Fortune's "Just Like me Knits," and "Knitting:  A Novel," by Anne Bartlett.  It's not truly a knitting book but a book about two people who knit.  It was listed among the recommendations "just for me" via the Google Reader.  I got as far as the first 20 pages and Google Reader cut me off saying I'd have to buy the book.  So I did.  It's rather slow moving but I am hoping it gets better as it goes.

Good news.  The insurance company is processing our claim for damages to my truck this past week.  An adjuster will be out within the next week or two.  It would be wonderful if I could get a loaner vehicle while my truck is being repaired.  We'll see.  All I can say is we've had State Farm Insurance for over 30 years and they've never let us down.

I went to my DAR chapter's meeting today.  Afterward we had our C.A.R. meeting.  In all it was a good day.

The book by Anne Bartlett arrived in yesterday's mail (February 12) and I finished it last night.  It didn't get any better than the first 20 pages.  It was slow.  The characters were not at all likable and I did try to like them.  They felt forced together.  The whole scenario with Martha and her baggage of knitting imperfections was absurd even if it was supposed to be about her mental illness.  Sandra's character was one dimensional and never got past the first look at her.  What you saw was cold and ice as was she.  Not friendly.  Cliff, the man they found collapsed on the street, was just thrown in there from time to time.  His character never developed.  In all I felt it was a waste of my time.  Thankfully, I only paid 99 cents for the book!

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