Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sewing and Embroidery

I ordered a Brother SE400 computerized sewing machine last night.  It's also an embroidery machine.  I first saw it online through Jo-Ann's website listed at $499 and then came across it at Amazon's website for $299 plus FREE SHIPPING!  Here's the link:

It's been seven years since I bought my last sewing machine.  We had been at Jo-Ann's looking at their sewing machines and I balked at the prices back then.  We decided to look at the machines at Sears.  I ended up buying a Kenmore.  It sews well and there's nothing wrong with it but I've always wanted to have a machine which did embroidery.  The Kenmore does basic embroidery stitches but nothing like the Brother will do!  I'm so excited that I'm getting a new machine and that I saved so much money!  I'm praying I can easily adjust to the new machine!

Update on March 20, 2014:  I received my new machine yesterday and also a disk with embroidery designs I had purchased off eBay.  Hoping to have time to work with them tomorrow!

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