Sunday, April 6, 2014

Oncology Appointment

Monday afternoon I received a phone call from my oncologist's office reminding me of our appointment on Thursday. I had completely forgotten about it and that I needed to have blood work drawn prior to the appointment. I scrambled out the door as fast as I could to get blood drawn. On Wednesday I received an email letting me know the results were good. All counts were within normal range. On Thursday I arrived half an hour early for my appointment in case there were papers to fill out and there were. My oncologist must have been extremely busy because it was 45 minutes after my scheduled appointment when I finally was put into an exam room. Another half hour passed and in he comes with a smile on his face! haha That smile was worth the wait. That and hearing him say my CEA was still below 0.5 and that he is so pleased that I am doing so well. We chatted a little while discussing the weather, the flowers popping up in his yard, bike riding and boating. I left happier than when I arrived. :) I scheduled my next appointment in six months and left the office on the way to see Lilly. Awesome day!

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Tina said...

Carol that's wonderful news!