Friday, August 28, 2015

The End of Summer

I can't believe how fast the summer has gone!  It rained here almost the entire month of June.  July and August were beautiful and hot.  Just like I enjoy.  This week has been a bit chilly and I noticed yesterday leaves were dropping from trees.  Usually I don't see much leaf dropping until the middle of September.  Must be the lack of rain here.

That said, I've been canning fruit like crazy.  I picked crabapples from a farm up the road a couple weeks ago.  Last week we picked both apples and pears.  Hubs bought peaches from a farmer's market for me to can.  I think we ate as many as I canned.  Ripe, juicy Chambersburg peaches are delicious!  I ran out of jelly cars and all that was available at the local Tractor Supply were larger jars.  Hubs bought me a 12 pack plus eight half-pint jars.

We've been training dogs every evening at the lake.  It's been great because they love to swim and it's great exercise for them during the heat of summer.  Trixie will be testing for her NAVHDA natural ability test this weekend.  We've had a heck of a time with her because she didn't immediately take to swimming like the other dogs.  She will go in after a duck but throw a retrieving dummy out and she'll just look at it.  Elsa is due to have pups late September.  This will be her third litter.  She'll be five in November.  She's a wonderful girl.  A fantastic mother and great hunter but I'm not sure we will breed her again after this.  We have five younger girls in the kennel that we want to breed in the future.  Always looking to produce a better dog to enhance the breed.

I saw my PCP in July, had my colonoscopy in August (all clear!) and went for blood work this past Monday.  Tuesday the doctor's office called to say my TSH level was high so they called in a scrip for a Thyroid medication.  He said it should help with my feeling fatigued, thinning hair and possibly help me to lose weight.  Really?  Wow!  Good news is I haven't felt myself needing to take an afternoon nap this week!  Yay to that!  HA HA

Not a lot going on other than canning, sewing and dogging.  My parents were in the last weekend in July.  I'll see them again at the family reunion over labor day and then they will be back in October.

As they say around here ... "that's it, Fort Pitt!"