Thursday, November 26, 2015

Little Miss Sunshine

It took me three months to knit this sweater for my granddaughter Lilly.  I get bored easily while knitting.  The sleeves just about killed me.  Fourteen inches of knitting in the round.  But, I finished and am happy with it.  Lilly is, too!

The pattern is called Little Miss Sunshine by Nichole Reese.  The yarn is Pure Alpaca by Cascade Yarns.  The color is a light green like a blade of grass.  It's called Dune #3013.  I made the sweater in a size 8/10 which fits my five year old granddaughter and she still has room to move around and be a kid in it.  The yarn is soooooooo soft.  100% alpaca.  The only negative I would say is that you have to be careful because the yarn does split a bit.  Not a lot but I did find a few times over the project where it happened.  I purchased the yarn through WEBS store online.