Friday, February 27, 2015


On Monday I lost a friend who I had met on the colon cancer alliance support page.  I took to him because he's like my husband; addicted to hunting, fishing and waterfowling.  He had been a survivor for two years and then it came back.

The wife of a friend who I had babysat for as a teenager also has cancer.  She was diagnosed about four years ago and, although she had finished treatment, was not in remission.  Now it's metastasized and she's in severe pain.  She'll be starting back with radiation and possibly chemo soon.

Another very dear friend has stopped treatment because it wasn't working.  She was at home with hospice workers and family but was moved yesterday to the hospital.  She's been fighting a long time.  I met her online in 2009.  She was in remission and I was on chemo.  She has been a spokesperson for colon cancer awareness.  You are immediately drawn to her.  Such a vivacious personality!  I'm not ready to lose her or anyone else.  My heart is crushed.  Make each day count.  Love your loved ones.  Forgive those who have wronged you.  Please #LiveLikeMichelle !

February 28, 2015, Michelle is no longer in pain and suffering.