Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Amazing, Fun Weekend!

I picked up Miss Jassie and Miss Dixie on Friday.  We went to McDonald's for lunch.  The girls played on the gym equipment while I watched and laughed.  Afterward we went to Walmart to get them some clothes and bike helmets.  Bike helmets?  Yes!  The girls were invited to go horseback riding with their cousin, Miss Lilly, on Sunday so we wanted to be prepared.  The girls were SO excited!  All they could talk about Friday and Saturday was horses.  Dixie said, "I dream of horsies, Grandma."  hahaha

I made baked chicken in cream of chicken soup with corn, lima beans and cut up a fresh pumpkin from my garden as another side veggie.  Phil and I enjoyed the pumpkin.  The girls not so much.  First I cut it into sections, scooping the pulp and seeds out.  Then I cut the rind off and steamed the pumpkin.  After it was finished steaming I added salt, pepper and butter.

Saturday I washed clothes all morning and then fed animals before we left to spend the night with Miss Lilly.  We arrived around 4 p.m. and ordered pizza for dinner.  We put the inflatable mattress in the front room for the girls to sleep on.  They played and then we watched The Wizard of Oz (original version) while eating popcorn.  By 9 p.m. everyone was in bed asleep including me.

We had a late breakfast at Eat'n Park.  Their breakfast buffet is good.  Three adults paying for the breakfast buffet got us three free kids meals.  Good deal.

We had to be at the stables by 11:30 to begin learning to brush the horses and clean their hooves.  Then tack lessons followed.  They were in the arena by noon.  You could feel the excitement!

They had such an awesome time.  Aunt Jess invited them back again to ride with Miss Lilly.  Made this Grandma very proud of her girls!