Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Spring has arrived!

Spring has finally arrived here in Pennsylvania.  It wasn't a bad winter at all but I look forward to spring and can't wait for summer!

I've been busy sewing and teaching myself how to use my new Brother embroidery machine.  I love it.  It has a 5x7 inch hoop which means I can do larger embroidery designs.  I bought onesies to embroider for my grandsons but the smallest onesie for Logan was too small for the new embroidery machine and I ended up having to use the machine with the 4x4 inch hoop.

I couldn't figure out which stabilizer to use so the inside of the onesie wouldn't scratch his skin.  So, they will probably not get worn.  Bummer.  I did make myself a medium weight linen top which I embroidered.  I'm happy with it.  The embroidery turned out very nice, however, the pattern I selected does not work well with my body.  I am short and overweight.  The bodice area has too much fabric gathered that it looks more like a maternity top.  If I had used a light weight fabric and lessened the amount of fabric gathers it would have worked better.  You learn as you go, right?

I also made two pair each of linen pants for the boys for the summer months.  This photo is the green linen called willow before I put the elastic in the waist band.  Gorgeous color in person.

And other photos from the last month.

Mikey loves the cats.

 Logan has red hair!

The grandma is so proud of all her grandbabies!