Saturday, October 29, 2016

Nothing Much to Report

I haven't been interested in keeping my blog updated or even sure I want to continue with it.  I've been busy with life and life is good right now.  :)

My next oncology appointment is in December.  Cancer is no longer on my radar.  September marked nine years and the December appointment will be a yearly one.  Unless something comes up with my blood work, and I don't anticipate that it will, this will be my last visit to the oncologist.

I made a few dresses for the girls over the summer and now I'm back to knitting.  Lately, I've been busy babysitting three of the grand kids two days a week.  Their babysitter quit.  I had forgotten how much work toddlers were.  I hope we are a positive influence in their lives.  They ask about Pappy when he's not home.  The other day Logan climbed up on Pappy's lap and wanted to be cuddled.  He was tired and cranky from not napping when I had him down to nap.  Even though he had tears on his face it still made me smile to see him comforted by my husband.  Michael is doing pretty good with his potty training when he's here but I have to figure a way to keep his hands from going into the potty when he's on it.  :(  Suggestions welcome!

Today the weather outside is warm and sunny.  Probably the last of the nice days before we get snow.   Thanksgiving will be here soon and my parents will be here.  I really enjoy my time with them now.  My oldest son and his family will be visiting friends out of state but glad we will have our younger son and his family with us.  I'm hoping my mother in law will join us if she isn't with my husband's brother and his family.


Tina said...

Isn't it great to have cancer no longer be on your radar? I haven't updated my blog in well over a year--there is nothing new to report! I'll always have side effects from surgery and radiation, but the most important thing is no more cancer!
We are both blessed with grandbabies that we love and that keep us busy! Keep on living and enjoying life, and I'll do the same! :D

Carol Pack Urban said...

You're so right! I got my test results back and canceled my oncology appointment. My CEA has been 0.5 for eight years. I don't plan to go back. :)