Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Sewing for me

I love to sew. I had a gift card to JoAnn's that I used this past week. I bought fabric, new patterns and sewing machine needles. 

I got home and read up on how to sew with Rayon fabric. Decided I needed more time to wash the fabric and have it dry completely prior to cutting.

I used Simplicity Pattern 8231. I cut the pattern out in my normal size and used cotton fabric from my stash. It was a pretty straightforward pattern design and I had it sewn up in four hours which included time to iron the fabric after each seam was sewn.

As soon as it was finished I tried it on or tried to try it on. I couldn't get it over my shoulders. WHAT? I looked back at the pattern envelope to make sure I had bought a Misses sized pattern. Yes, it was.

I don't know if pattern sizes have changed in the last year or if I've gained a lot more weight than I thought I had.

So now I have a dress I can't wear and a pattern which doesn't fit. I watched a few You Tube videos last night on how to grade a pattern up in size. As much time as it takes to do that, it looks very time consuming, I can buy a new Simplicity pattern at JoAnn's for $1.99 which was the price I paid on sale.  I still have the Rayon fabric to use and a large fabric stash. I love the fabric I used on this dress but gosh daRn it doesn't fit me! Disappointing.

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